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25.11.2021 | New Geopolitics of Asia | Vlog
Unpacked with Lisa Curtis | Ep. 19
The United States and the European Union have increasingly focused their strategic attention on the Indo-Pacific and continue to foster dialogue and coordination as transatlantic partners. Lisa…  
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Imprint Legal notice of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung e.V. Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung e.V. Godesberger Allee 149 D-53175 Bonn +49 (0) 228 883-0 +49 (0) 228 883-9207 www.fes.de Editor …  
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Privacy Policy The protection of your personal data is of utmost importance to us. The usage of offers from Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (e.g. of publications or events) usually requires the…  
23.11.2021 | News
More than just a number: the rising value of high-prestige digits in modern Mongolia
Fascination with auspicious numbers is common in Asian cultures. In Mongolia, phone numbers have become a symbol of the widening gap between the rich and the poor. Some can be sold for as much as an…  
19.11.2021 | Climate change | News
To really leave no one behind
Hanoi's migrant manual workers keep the city running, but their already precarious work and living conditions have worsened during the pandemic.  
11.11.2021 | Climate change | News
A new paradigm for Asia's cities
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Asia launches an interactive map that lets viewers explore the current state of social and ecological development in eight cities across the region.  
09.11.2021 | Networks for social democracy | News
Nepal’s renewed struggle for democratic consolidation
Despite numerous movements for freedom, justice and equality, Nepal is still struggling to consolidate its new democratic system.  
8. India’s net zero target is starting to boost renewables overseas  
By the evening of 1 November 2021, India had captured the spotlight in Glasgow. The country announced a new net zero target by 2070, which meant that all major economies in the world now planned to…  
9. Indonesia calls for increased climate finance and collaboration at COP26  
President of Indonesia Joko Widodo called for global collaboration to tackle climate change during COP26, highlighting the need for more climate finance in developing countries.  
03.11.2021 | New Geopolitics of Asia | News
Bangladesh in the New Geopolitics of Asia
Bangladesh is emerging as an important player in Asia’s new geopolitical theatre. FES and its partners invited some of the country’s top thought leaders to the second national foresight and strategy…  
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