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20.10.2016 | Economy of tomorrow | Publication
Vietnam in the global economy: development through integration or middle-income trap?
Economic growth in Vietnam has been remarkable since the beginning of the comprehensive reform process in 1986. Yet, the question remains whether this spectacular development will be able to  
03.04.2017 | Economy of tomorrow | Publication
Political Economy of Change in Bangladesh
Development experiences in a number of countries bear evidence that these countries are unable to come out of the middle-income status after having graduated from the low-income group. They fall into  
29.12.2020 | Gender Justice | News
Beijing +25 – Looking back, looking forward
1995 marked a seminal year in the global fight for gender equality. How far have China and Germany come, and what remains to be done?  
23.07.2016 | Gender Justice | Publication
Projected Gender Impact of the ASEAN Economic Community
How will the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), in place since 2015, affect the socio-economic opportunities for women in the region? The study at hand takes up this question by investigating and  
20.03.2018 | Climate change | Publication
Towards a just transition in the Philippine electricity sector
…On the example of the Philippines, this publication looks at the political and social…  
01.11.2016 | Cooperation for Peace and Security | Publication
India’s role in the economic stabilisation of Afghanistan
The international military drawdown from Afghanistan led to a fall in the international financial assistance to the country. Against this background, the paper at hand explores India’s role in the  
23.09.2016 | Gender Justice, #FeministAsia | News
Meanwhile in India: Why all that fuss about Feminism?
New Delhi (India) – Shiva and his consort Parvati* in discussion on feminism in a new comic by FES India to mark the launch of their country study as part of a regional project on political feminism  
05.03.2018 | #FeministAsia, Gender Justice | Publication
A Hundred Years of Feminism in Indonesia
This study deals with the rise of feminism in Indonesia which started a century ago.  
21.09.2017 | Climate change | Publication
In Pursuit of a Low Fossil Energy Future
…On the example of India, this publication looks at the political and social factors…  
31.05.2018 | Economy of tomorrow | Publication
The Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Vietnamese discourse
…This publications investigates the discourse revolving around the concept of Industry…  
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