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25.05.2017 | Gender Justice | News
Gender justice in Thailand: working towards the inclusion of all
Bangkok (Thailand) – Women's rights face ongoing challenges in Thailand, including persistent stereotyping and a range of oppressions, according to a study on political feminism and the women's  
28.05.2021 | Future of Work | Publication
Mapping of Trade Unions’ Use of Digital Communication and Education Tools
The COVID-19 pandemic has upended millions of lives. Lockdowns, large scale layoffs and community quarantines have fundamentally disrupted trade union work at the global and local levels. This brief  
01.04.2020 | #FESAsiaCoronaBrief | Coronabrief
More FES resources on COVID-19 in Asia and beyond
… Bangladesh I Virtual media event by FES Dhaka and…  
22.10.2021 | New Geopolitics of Asia | News
Security at the core: AUKUS in the Indo-Pacific
The announcement of AUKUS consolidates a security-led conception of the Indo-Pacific over more prosperity-focused ideas championed for example by the EU. It is also likely to increase the tension and  
16.04.2020 | Cross-cutting regional issues | Coronabrief
UNI Asia-Pacific unions lead the pack in responding to the corona crisis
Trade unions have a critically important role in mitigating the economic and social effects of the coronavirus crisis. UNI Asia-Pacific Regional Secretary Rajendra Kumar Acharya spotlights the vital  
02.06.2019 | #FeministAsia | News
Fourth and last Future Lab to reflect on feminist alliance-building
Animations tell stories of everyday gender inequality from across Asia in fourth and last future lab.  
20.10.2017 | Cooperation for Peace and Security | News
Challenges on all fronts: The many dimensions of Myanmar’s multiple transitions
Yangoon (Myanmar) – Will democracy in Myanmar have to live with military prerogatives, tutelary power and civilian-military power-sharing in the times to come?  
22.05.2018 | Climate change | Event, News
Connecting the dots: Implementing the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals in Vietnam
International experts, government representatives and civil society organizations are coming together to identify and promote policies for a coherent implementation of Paris Agreement and the 2030  
03.10.2019 | #CLSPlus, Trade, labour and social dialogue | News
The right industrial policies can stimulate economic and social upgrading
Developing countries must do more than boost exports if they hope to improve workers’ lives. But which industrial policies have proven best at stimulating social and economic upgrading?  
14.03.2018 | Trade, labour and social dialogue, #CLSPlus | News
EU refuses to apply trade sanctions for enforcing labour standards
The EU and ASEAN are strengthening their cooperation by working towards a regional free trade agreement. The Trade and Sustainable Development (TSD) chapters in the current draft do not provide  
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