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31.05.2019 | Networks for social democracy | News
Long-term education and labour rights are the focus of FES in Bangladesh
A participatory higher education system and a prosperous and socially just labour market are at the core of the ongoing work by the Dhaka-based team of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Bangladesh.  
21.04.2020 | COVID-19 on South Asia | Coronabrief
Stories of hunger: India’s lockdown is hitting the poorest
Amid the world’s largest lockdown, migrant workers face an impossible choice: Risk contracting the virus or go hungry. Indian journalist Sanjay Kapoor reports from New Delhi.  
Image from istockphoto / claffra
23.10.2020 | News
The epicentre of a global conflict
An analysis of the US-China rivalry in Southeast Asia.  
21.11.2018 | #FeministAsia, Gender Justice | News
“Only long-term community activism leads to change”
The feminist network Political Feminism in Asia, a regional project by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, met in Penang to deliberate direction for joint action across the region.  
24.06.2019 | Gender Justice, #FeministAsia | News
The brave new world of work holds particular opportunities and challenges for women
Ageing populations, technology advancements, climate change and the rise of non-standard jobs complicate further the grim outlook of the labour market landscape for women in Asia.  
21.10.2019 | Trade, labour and social dialogue | News
Mongolia’s missing mining taxes
… into investments for the country’s public services.  
05.06.2020 | Cross-cutting regional issues | Coronabrief
Building power: A just and sustainable recovery in Asia
Improvements in environmental indicators due to COVID-19 present an unprecedented opportunity for an economic transformation which is ecologically sustainable and socially just. Building power  
06.04.2020 | COVID-19 on South Asia | Coronabrief
Bangladesh: Garment sector collapse could devastate millions of workers
Bangladesh’s textile sector is highly dependent on demand from Europe and the United States. The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will hit factory workers, especially women.  
26.09.2017 | Trade, labour and social dialogue, #CLSPlus | News
Protecting workers' rights in trade
Singapore – A model labour chapter to EU trade agreements and preferences commissioned by FES can pave way to stronger implementation of labour standards and greater respect for rights at work.  
20.10.2021 | Climate change, Gender Justice | News
A feminist approach to urban planning is vital for the future of cities
Integrating feminist priorities into city planning is essential, not just for gender equity, but also for climate resilience and wider sustainability. The concept is not new on a global level, but it  
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