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18.11.2019 | #FeministAsia, Gender Justice | Publication
Gender and the Future of Work in Thailand
The study serves as a starting point for further analysis and discussion about women and the future of work in Thailand.  
24.05.2018 | Networks for social democracy | News
FES supports political dialogue for greater social equality and better quality of life in Pakistan.
Supporting narratives for economic transformation and people’s awareness about the links between domestic and regional questions, FES Pakistan works with partners to strengthen political dialogue in  
01.03.2021 | News
How volunteers crowd sourcing data contributes to Mongolia’s COVID-19 response
… services available to the public and state agencies.  
04.05.2020 | COVID-19 on South East Asia | Coronabrief
Migrant workers struggling under lockdown in Thailand
Across Thailand, millions of migrant workers are struggling due to the lockdown, unable to get home, and often without any work. The government has made exemptions to help their situations and  
04.05.2021 | Trade, labour and social dialogue | News
Remodelling Bangladesh’s trade unions amid the pandemic
For four years, the Academy of Work has been training the next generation of trade union leaders in Bangladesh.  
31.10.2020 | Climate change, Economy of tomorrow | News
The case for social cities
Environmental disasters, a worldwide pandemic, looming recession and political turmoil shape Asia’s metropolises, making it clear why future cities need to be social ones.  
14.03.2017 | Gender Justice | News
Shaping up for action!
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and its newly formed core group of participants in the regional project “Political Feminism in Asia” will meet for the first time in Singapore to form an Asia-wide  
20.04.2020 | Cross-cutting regional issues | Coronabrief
Who cares? Feminist responses to the pandemic
… demands to address these issues now and beyond the crisis.  
16.08.2021 | New Geopolitics of Asia | Vlog
Unpacked with Charmaine Willoughby | Ep. 10
… move beyond traditional security issues in prioritizing areas of…  
04.05.2020 | Gender Justice, #FeministAsia | News
New FES study: Women and the Future of Care Work in Asia
Around the world, women conduct the majority of (un)paid care work. In Asia, the care sector is particularly large. A new FES study investigates what the present and future of work looks like for the  
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