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06.10.2021 | Gender Justice | Publication
COVID-19 crisis and women in Asia
Our paper series explores gender-specific impacts, reflects on policy responses and explores women’s agency in context of the COVID-19 pandemic in Asia. It also identifies strategies to build a more  
13.11.2018 | Gender Justice | News
Comics for critical thinking and social change
Comics are a serious and an entertaining medium that can boost efforts to address the complex topics of feminism and the future of work.  
01.09.2021 | New Geopolitics of Asia | News
Asia’s New Geopolitics of Artificial Intelligence and Technology
… out in the region and explore issues around their governance.  
13.08.2021 | Networks for social democracy | News
Young Progressive Academy launched to train Indonesian emerging leaders
… key social, political and cultural issues, while equipping them to become…  
11.10.2019 | Gender Justice, #FeministAsia | News
The rising need for care demands new policies for decent jobs
Policies need to address the rising need for care and to ensure decent work in the care economy of Asia.  
03.04.2020 | COVID-19 on South Asia | Coronabrief
Afghanistan – Peace in the time of COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has elevated the urgency for peace in Afghanistan to unprecedented levels. For the fledgling peace process, it is either an existential threat or a golden opportunity.  
22.11.2017 | Climate change | News
No more justification for banking on coal
Bonn (Germany) – Interview with Nithi Nesaduria, member of the South-East Asia delegation attending the latest round of climate change talks by the United Nations (UN) from 6-17 November  
10.12.2020 | Economy of tomorrow | News
AI and associated tech developments hold threats but also opportunities for inclusive growth in India
Big data, mobile connectivity and artificial intelligence are dominating the daily lives of Indians faster than some predicted. But is the country poised to make the most of this technological  
08.03.2017 | Gender Justice | News
“Women are no cars!”
… laws and policies to address issues of violence or care work are…  
12.11.2018 | Networks for social democracy | News
Role play brings policy-making to life for youth leaders in Mongolia
Through a series of policy workshops in Mongolia, young political party supporters receive hands-on experience to work together and develop policy options for a range of scenarios.  
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