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10.12.2018 | Gender Justice | News
Closer to the equality goal: We all should be feminists
Myanmar activist Nandar draws attention to violence against the female body through her work as translator and performer.  
30.09.2016 | Economy of tomorrow | News
On the cusp of a New Indo-Europe Dialogue
A two-day meeting is underway where experts from India and Europe weave path for cooperation projects on energy and urban transformation.  
13.05.2020 | COVID-19 on South Asia | Coronabrief
Bangladesh: Navigating the globalized impact of the pandemic
As an economically developing country heavily dependent on export-oriented sectors and remittances, Bangladesh needs to pursue a multi-pronged strategy to regain its economic momentum. The South  
26.06.2020 | COVID-19 on South East Asia | Coronabrief
A wake-up call to cooperation in Myanmar?
The coronavirus pandemic is uncovering the possible downfalls of Myanmar’s co-dependent development model. In a post-COVID world, the Southeast Asian latecomer needs a new model that prioritises key  
05.08.2020 | Economy of tomorrow | News
Walking a fine line: Thailand and the challenge of the platform economy
Developing the platform economy has been a major agenda of the Thai government since 2016, but the chances of its realization are looking gloomy in the eyes of some Thai think tanks and academic  
01.06.2020 | COVID-19 on South East Asia | Coronabrief
Managing a triple crisis in Malaysia
… but three crises. Firstly, the public health crisis of combating the…  
05.04.2019 | Gender Justice, #FeministAsia | News
Uniting feminists and workers in the struggle for decent work
Bringing the women’s and workers’ movements together is a challenging task that one of the working groups as part of a regional project on feminism in Asia chose to face.  
05.12.2017 | Gender Justice | News
Tackling gender-based violence
Bangkok (Thailand) – How the elimination of violence against women can be achieved in Thailand  
01.02.2019 | Economy of tomorrow | News
The urban housing crises of Indonesia and Malaysia: Same-same but different
… in affordable housing and public services.  
17.09.2019 | Trade, labour and social dialogue | News
The pioneering FES Academy of Work gets a makeover in Bangladesh
Two years after the first Academy of Work in Bangladesh, trainers have restyled the programme to better respond to the challenges of organized labour in the future world of work.  
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