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23.08.2023 | Climate change | News
Climate Change-induced migration: Despair and Dreams
The devastation of climate change is widespread. But organisations such as FES Bangladesh, YouthNet for Climate Justice, and others are offering hope for the climate migrants through stirring the…  
21.08.2023 | Gender Justice | News
Gender-Responsive Budgeting in Pakistan: Interview with Marion Boeker and Dr. Elisabeth Klatzer
Political economist and human rights experts underlined that any money spent in the current crises must focus on the needs of both women and men. FES Pakistan had a conversation with two of them…  
A photo of a woman holding small flags and the background is full of country flags.
15.08.2023 | Economy of tomorrow | News
FES Bangladesh's Economy of Tomorrow Fellowships Alumna and Her New York Summer School Experience
Halima Binte Islam told us that the FES New York Summer School was not just a series of lectures; it was a transformative experience that fueled her passion and paved the way for a future dedicated…  
A photo of a man holding a shovel with a pile of bricks in the background
14.08.2023 | Future of Work, Trade, labour and social dialogue | News
Breaking The Chains: How To Tackle Bonded Labour in Pakistan?
Get a glimpse of the hidden chains of modern slavery in Pakistan, as millions endure bonded labour. Explore the critical and courageous role of organizations like BLLF in providing support and legal…  
A photo of a worker resting on a mountain of leathers.
09.08.2023 | Future of Work, Trade, labour and social dialogue | News
Protecting Bangladesh’s Tannery Workers Against “Unjust” Transition
Workers in Bangladesh’s huge tannery sector have been bearing the brunt of recent “sustainability” drives, as authorities have relocated polluting factories with no adequate assistance or facilities…  
21.07.2023 | New Geopolitics of Asia | News
India and Germany: Potential for collaborations towards a secure Indo-Pacific region
Prof C. Raja Mohan looks at India’s changing approach to China and reviews the possibilities for cooperation between India and Germany in reshaping Asian security and reordering the relations between…  
13.06.2023 | New Geopolitics of Asia | News
Regional Lab: Geopolitics, Geoeconomics, and World Order
Great power rivalry has intensified in the Indo-Pacific region and there is urgent need to explore ways for countries to navigate the challenges. Thought leaders and experts from across the region…  
12.06.2023 | Climate change, Gender Justice | News
Life lessons from the beautiful game
At this match, "the Ball" is not only for kicking, but is also about forging solidarity between people to take action for a better world. Vietnamese students enjoyed a unique learning experience…  
26.05.2023 | Climate change | Publication
How to ensure a just transition towards climate neutrality? Case studies from China
China, which emits by far the most greenhouse gases in the world, aims to become climate neutral by 2060. A number of case studies show the social implications of this plan.  
01.05.2023 | Future of Work | News
International Workers' Day 2023: Empowering Workers' Voices across Asia
We are recognizing workers in various sectors and industries across Asia. Their stories are the testament to the reality of their life and work conditions. There is no better way to learn how to…  
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