Future Hub

Democratic institutions are facing severe erosion in the face of today's multiple crises. The loss of trust in politics fuels populism and kleptocracy with an unhealthy combination of increasing disinformation that stands in the way of long-term political visions. The tackling of these current challenges and the fight against inequalities must be done through smart progressive politics.

The challenge is clear: democratic actors need to create a future of democratic renewal that puts social justice front and center at the domestic and international spheres. Of paramount importance is the manner in which an ecosystem of likeminded actors will be capacitated and connected in order to formulate an effective, cohesive, and contemporary response.

The Future Hub aspires to play a pivotal role in nurturing this sustainable ecosystem of social democratic forces within the region contributing to a just and social future in the region.

The Future Hub will kickstart its program offerings for 2024 with the Political Management Training for Young Progressives (PMT).

Political Management Training for Young Progressives (PMT)

(Applications are under review.)

The Political Management Training (PMT) is a program designed for young leaders dedicated to shaping a better future. It aims to equip emerging social-democratic leaders with effective political management acumen, with an end-goal of cultivating cooperation among progressive young people throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

The program consists of a ten-day face-to-face training split into two sessions. These will be held in cities across Asia-Pacific.

We opened for applications during 8 March - 1 April 2024. Now the recieved applications are being reviewed. Stay tuned for further update soon!


Marie Schröter

Director, FES Philippines