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27.05.2020 | COVID-19 on East Asia | Coronabrief
Social media and public discourse in Mongolia
…Social media is a dominating force in public discourse. In…  
26.01.2019 | Networks for social democracy | News
Mongolia to combat hate speech in online media
… the newsroom and of media literacy among the…  
16.06.2017 | #CLSPlus, Trade, labour and social dialogue | Publication
Who benefits from trade?
…This publication reveals how trade and global value chains…  
22.06.2017 | #CLSPlus, Trade, labour and social dialogue | Publication
Conditional or promotional trade agreements – Is enforcement possible?
…This publication examines social or labour chapters in…  
26.06.2017 | #CLSPlus, Trade, labour and social dialogue | Publication
Estimated Tariff Savings from the Trade Agreement between the EU and Vietnam ? EVFTA
…This publication estimates the potential tariff savings for…  
08.03.2018 | Climate change | Publication
Energy Transition in Thailand
…the example of Thailand, this publication looks at the…  
19.06.2017 | #CLSPlus, Trade, labour and social dialogue | News
Workers should get their fair share of the pie
…Singapore (Singapore)—A new publication draws attention to…  
25.08.2018 | #CLSPlus, Trade, labour and social dialogue | Publication
The Future of "Ethical Production" for Cambodia's Garment and Footwear Industry
…This publication aims to determine who benefits from trade…  
29.12.2020 | Gender Justice | News
Beijing +25 – Looking back, looking forward
1995 marked a seminal year in the global fight for gender equality. How far have China and Germany come, and what remains to be done?  
12.09.2022 | Future of Work, Gender Justice | News
Analysing women and work in South Asia
Latest research unveils key issues and opportunities for women and the future of work in South Asia.  
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