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23.10.2020 | News
The epicentre of a global conflict
An analysis of the US-China rivalry in Southeast Asia.  
30.06.2017 | Trade, labour and social dialogue, #CLSPlus | News
Trade doesn’t work for all
Brussels (Belgium) – “Trade agreements are instruments to improve the situation the participating nations find themselves in.”  
07.07.2017 | Cooperation for Peace and Security | News
“Dialogue is a powerful tool if it leads to cooperation”
Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) – Interview with Damba Ganbat, organizer of the Ulaanbaatar Dialogue, on the challenges to peace and security in Northeast Asia, the role of Mongolia and its relationship to  
20.07.2017 | Trade, labour and social dialogue, #CLSPlus | News
The future of the Cambodian garment and footwear Industry
Phnom Penh (Cambodia) – Reforming international trade agreements and preferential schemes are an important tool to overcome serious challenges the industry faces.  
22.08.2017 | Gender Justice | News
Labour mobility in ASEAN: how can women migrant workers benefit?
Jakarta (Indonesia) – A new study is out that formed the basis for discussion of the High-Level Policy Dialogue of ASEAN on the conditions of women migrant workers in the ASEAN Community  
26.10.2017 | Trade, labour and social dialogue | News
ASEAN tripartite partners meet to promote stronger social partnership
Manila (Philippines) – In the face of a rapidly-changing labour market, the Regional Tripartite Social Dialogue Conference (RTSDC) was held last week to promote social partnership.  
09.11.2017 | Cooperation for Peace and Security | Event, News
The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road and its security implications
Manila (Philippines) – The first of three regional workshops on the 21st century maritime silk road takes place in Manila to address the security implications of China’s One Belt and Road Initiative  
22.11.2017 | Climate change | News
No more justification for banking on coal
Bonn (Germany) – Interview with Nithi Nesaduria, member of the South-East Asia delegation attending the latest round of climate change talks by the United Nations (UN) from 6-17 November  
15.11.2017 | Networks for social democracy | News
Bangladesh’s university reforms should prioritize quality and encompass the private sector
Dhaka (Bangladesh) – Public and private sectors should be included in the design and implementation of any reforms to address the issues around quality of higher education in Bangladesh.  
05.12.2017 | Gender Justice | News
Tackling gender-based violence
Bangkok (Thailand) – How the elimination of violence against women can be achieved in Thailand  
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