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03.04.2023 | New Geopolitics of Asia | News
A geoeconomic tsunami
The reorganisation of the world economy is in full swing. To survive, not only companies but entire nations need to adapt their development models  
Image of faces of more than a hundred people who are gathering in a huge meeting
31.03.2023 | New Geopolitics of Asia, Networks for social democracy | News
Key concerns of Mongolian public revealed by deliberative democracy event
Mongolia’s path to become a parliamentary democracy is unique. A public consultation now revealed where Mongolian citizens see potential for democratic progress: fewer restrictions on public…  
02.03.2023 | New Geopolitics of Asia | Publication
The transitioning security order in the Indo-Pacific
The Transitioning Security Order in the Indo-Pacific is report that analyses the changing the security order/s of the region and provides some actionable recommendations for India-EU collaboration…  
22.02.2023 | Gender Justice | News
Asian expert group kicks off project on visions and policies for a gender-just future
New FES project offers platform to discuss evidence-based policy options and implementation strength to tackle gender injustices in the Asia-Pacific region.  
14.02.2023 | New Geopolitics of Asia, Economy of tomorrow | Publication
China and its central bank digital currency
Is the E-Yuan a role model for Europe and the Euro system?  
07.02.2023 | Future of Work, Economy of tomorrow | News
Vietnamese students strive for more advanced skills and decent work in the context of Industry 4.0
In the era of automation and digitization, qualification and training requirements for workers are undergoing drastic changes. Candidates, especially young people, are expected to meet different…  
06.02.2023 | Climate change | Publication
The Red River planning of Hanoi in the context of urbanisation and modernization
The analysis of the media discourse around the Red River urban zoning planning in Hanoi.  
In North Korea, some state officials are wearing a special uniform.
02.02.2023 | New Geopolitics of Asia, Gender Justice | News
North Korean Women’s Struggle for Survival
“We, Korean women, survive no matter what it takes, because that's who we are."  
30.01.2023 | New Geopolitics of Asia | News
Pakistan in the New Geopolitics of Asia
Pakistani experts convene to analyse major regional and global dynamics at play and provide strategies on how the country can manage geopolitical challenges.  
Hands being put together to show unity
24.01.2023 | Climate change | News
Just transition - The co-operative way
Cooperatives have been developed to be an ethical business model for socio-economic development of underserved women in India. Explore recent initiatives supported by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES)…  
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