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Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Asia runs activities that support organizing for social justice, shaping an economy of tomorrow, and enhancing cooperation for freedom and security. Activities around these goals are developed with instruments that help promote democracy, build transnational networks and progressive coalitions between individuals and organisations. In line with this commitment, FES strives to understand the trends of globalisation, labour mobility and regional integration in order to promote social democracy and change for more social justice, sustainable peace and economic development in the region.

"International cooperation is far too important to be left to the governments alone"

- Willy Brandt.

Global activities

FES promotes dialogue on questions of future global policy by providing platforms for discussion and consultation. Key areas include energy and climate change policy, the stability of international financial markets, demographics and migration, the social dimension of globalisation, violent conflicts, human rights, and issues of statehood and governance. FES activities with a global scope are mainly coordinated by our head office in Germany and the FES offices in New York and Geneva.

Regional activities

Through regional activities, FES creates synergies between its work on national and global level. The region and continent-wide approach responds to the challenges of globalisation, labour mobility and regional integration. In Asia, FES shapes and supports networks for social democracy; economic and social transformation for a good society; organizing for social justice and gender equality; cooperation for peace and security; and climate change and energy policies for a just transition. 

For further information, contact the FES Office for Regional Cooperation in Asia listed below.

Country activities

On a country level, FES addresses global and regional issues which are of national concern. The focus of the national work is to support progressive political, social and economic processes in the society. To this end, we cooperate with a wide range of partners, including governmental institutions, trade unions, political parties, social movements, non-profit organizations, media and academia. With over 100 offices worldwide, FES supports activities in 16 countries in Asia and has established representations in 14 countries across the region.

For more information on the country activities in Asia contact the offices listed below.

FES offices in Asia

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FES in Asia

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