Communication in the Digital Age

Bangkok (Thailand) – Managerial staff of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Asia from offices in the region was part of a three-day workshop on strategic communication in the digital age.

At the turn of the year, as the world still grapples with the effects of our lives online, one thing is clear, the digital space also holds a potential for creating a positive vision about what politics could be beyond reactive protest, for a constructive and networked action.

With this perspective in sight, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) in Asia organized a workshop for its managerial staff on strategic communication with special focus on digital channels. The workshop "Strategic Communication in the Digital Age" took place in November 2017 at the Thailand Creative and Design Center in Bangkok.

Experts on strategic communication, digital media, cyber security and storytelling led participants through the three workshop days. Through a series of lectures, case-studies and discussions, participants explored the building blocks of strategic communication and different ways to use various communication channels and tools strategically. The aim was to address the new realities in countries in Asia where FES together with partners works to promote the values of social democracy—freedom, justice and equality.

Addressing also the question of how countries in Asia have been affected by the post-factual political reality of fake news globally, the rebuttal of facts and the silencing of dissent, staff exchanged their thoughts on the effects of this dynamic for the work by FES in Asia.

Scroll down for an optic journey through the workshop days.

This workshop for managerial staff is one among several activities since 2015 by the Asia-Pacific Department of FES in Berlin to introduce an integrated and strategic approach to using communication tools and channels that can support and strengthen networks of social democracy across Asia.###

For more information contact <link about contact _blank>Mila Shopova, Regional Communications Coordinator at the FES Office for Regional Cooperation in Asia.

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