From the drawing board to reality

Political Feminism in Asia, a regional project by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung brings together feminist groups for joint action across the region.

How can we enable joint action between feminist groups across the region?

That’s precisely what Friedrich-Ebert-Sifting (FES) and partners in Asia want to find out with the regional project Political Feminism in AsiaPolFemAsia by addressing gendered problems, which have similar roots across different societies. To get there, FES in Asia has set up Future Labs, a place for participating partners from eight countries in the region to exchange ideas and explore different approaches to address them.  

The story begins with the formation of regional core groups and inquiry into the best fitting method during FutureLab 1 in Singapore back in March 2017. The working groups from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, China, Philippines, Taiwan and Indonesia got together again in Nepal in September 2017 for Future Lab 2 to translate ideas into practical collaborations for action across regions.

Here they are at work in Nepal during Future Lab  2. 


For more information on the regional project contact <link about contact external-link-internal-icon>Lea Goelnitz, Programme Manager at the FES Office for Regional Cooperation in Asia. 

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