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Afghan photographers show lives in Herat and Kabul under COVID-19

Photoessay by Mariam Alimi and Mohammad Aref Karim documenting the many ways people in Afghanistan are affected by the consequences of the pandemic (in German) 

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Maqaam – Life After Corona

Video series “Maqaam – Life After Corona” with 14 episodes, airing weekly on the FES Pakistan Facebook site

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Resources by FES offices and partners in Asia

FES Afghanistan I Magdalena Kirchner, Maroof Qaderi: Labor Day under Lockdown in Afghanistan

FES Bangladesh I Virtual media event by FES Dhaka and the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) on the occasion of the 7th anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster discussing the COVID-19 crisis for workers and employers, government initiatives and the way forward. Watch the full video here.

FES India I Anup Srivastava: International Workers’ Day: Worker inclusive policies are the way forward

FES India I Damyanty Sridharan, Jyoti Rawal: Solidarity in times of COVID 19 in India

FES Indonesia I Feby Oldfisra: Indonesia – Health and social security in a pandemic

FES Mongolia I Julian Dierkes, Niels Hegewisch: Der Preis der Demokratie (in German)

FES Nepal I Binda Pandey, Achyut Wagle: A Bumpy Road Ahead – Covid-19 and its effects on the Nepalese economy

FES Vietnam I Công đoàn Khu công nghiệp trong bối cảnh dịch Covid-19 (in Vietnamese)

Follow our FES experts in more than 100 countries to learn how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting lives in across the globe:

FES Middle East and North Africa Corona Brief

FES Africa Corona Brief

FES Latin America and the Caribbean (in German)

FES Blog “Corona & Care” (in German)

Journal “International Politics and Society” I In Focus: The corona crisis (opinion pieces)

IPS-Journal is an active debate platform addressing questions of international and European politics. Follow them for opinion pieces on the pandemic.

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