Networks for Social Democracy

A networked exchange and collective action driven by social democratic values make a more social Asia a future possibility.

Political spaces are shrinking. Through expert discussion we encourage comparative analyses of the trends that hamper political participation in Asia, and we support regional and international meetings of expert groups of progressive political actors.

This is a digital age. We engage in and encourage exchanges of social democratic ideas in Asia through online platforms to promote and grow a networked social democracy in a safe digital world.


21.01.2021 | Networks for social democracy | News

25 years of partnership for democracy and social justice in Nepal

The FES Nepal team spoke with the first resident director, Heinz Bongartz, about opening the FES office in Kathmandu and the role of social democracy...


27.08.2020 | Networks for social democracy | News

A thousand virtual tents: Civil-society youth festival in Indonesia moves online

A festival in North Sumatra brings together the region’s engaged youth each year under the principles of create – collaborate – celebrate. Now in its...


04.11.2019 | Networks for social democracy | News

Civil society in India presents social innovations for societal transformation

India is known for its frugal innovations and ground-up development models. Through their work, the partners of FES have been pioneering social...




Vinzenz Huzel

Director, FES Philippines

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