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23.11.2020 | Gender Justice | News
How COVID-19 fuels the digital gender divide
It is high time to act and re-imagine our digital future in Asia.  
16.11.2020 | #CLSPlus | Publication
From industrial policy to economic and social upgrading in Vietnam
Using case studies, the authors analyse the effects of industrial policies on the ground and provide tangible policy recommendations for decision-makers.  
09.11.2020 | #FESAsiaCoronaBrief | Coronabrief, Publication
COVID-19 in Asia: Testimonies of an unfolding crisis
In one joint effort to understand the repercussions of this crisis, the FES Asia Corona Brief brought together 52 authors who documented and analyzed the situation in 16 countries with 48 articles.…  
94. Further steps are needed to ensure a gender-just energy transition  
For the shift from fossil fuels towards renewable energies to be genuinely sustainable on both the environmental and social levels, it needs to be just, to leave no one behind during the process.  
04.11.2020 | Climate change, Gender Justice | News
Revisit our web discussions on gender and energy
Watch the presentation of our four keynote speakers from our series on gender and energy.  
31.10.2020 | Climate change, Economy of tomorrow | News
The case for social cities
Environmental disasters, a worldwide pandemic, looming recession and political turmoil shape Asia’s metropolises, making it clear why future cities need to be social ones.  
27.10.2020 | Climate change | News
Pathways towards a social-ecological transformation in Asian cities
Revisit the findings of our regional research and learn more about social-ecological transformation in Asia!  
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23.10.2020 | News
The epicentre of a global conflict
An analysis of the US-China rivalry in Southeast Asia.  
20.10.2020 | Trade, labour and social dialogue | News
(Re-)imagining the future of trade unions in Bangladesh
What are the challenges and opportunities facing organized labour in Bangladesh? We spoke with civil society leader Shakil Ahmed.  
15.10.2020 | Economy of tomorrow | News
Southeast Asia: COVID-19 and China's Health Silk Road
An analysis of the implications for Southeast Asia by Dr. Ngeow Chow Bing.  
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