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14.01.2021 | Gender Justice | News
Women and girls across Asia are facing complex, urgent risks from the pandemic, expert warns
The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted billions of lives around the world. But the crisis is hitting already-vulnerable women and girls in several new and interconnected ways. Nepali sociologist Meena  
18.09.2020 | Gender Justice | News
The future is now! Young Afghans join forces for inclusion and equality
Women leadership in Afghanistan is neither an anomaly nor unheard of – but especially with the peace process gaining traction, it certainly takes decisive action to use its full potential!  
26.06.2018 | Cooperation for Peace and Security | News
The Ulaanbaatar Dialogue – a “Helsinki” for peace in Northeast Asia?
An annual summit in Mongolia can serve as a platform for dialogue over the Korean Peninsula, in particular in the wake of the Kim-Trump summit in Singapore.  
23.11.2020 | Gender Justice | News
How COVID-19 fuels the digital gender divide
It is high time to act and re-imagine our digital future in Asia.  
02.07.2020 | Cooperation for Peace and Security | News
Human rights in the Afghan peace process
The Afghan peace process is at a crossroads. Violence is escalating, human rights workers and civilians are targeted, and rights abuses are widespread. Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights  
30.04.2020 | COVID-19 on East Asia | Coronabrief
Sheep diplomacy and a troubled economy: Mongolia amid COVID-19
Balancing two mighty neighbours is part of the DNA of Mongolia’s diplomacy and economic relations. The country’s economy depends heavily on trade with China and Russia. As demand is decreasing during  
21.01.2021 | Networks for social democracy | News
25 years of partnership for democracy and social justice in Nepal
The FES Nepal team spoke with the first resident director, Heinz Bongartz, about opening the FES office in Kathmandu and the role of social democracy in the country now and then.  
03.04.2019 | Networks for social democracy | News
FES in Nepal: A trusted voice facilitating mutual understanding in the democratisation process
…A mediator and platform for exchange in Nepal through several periods of conflict and…  
04.10.2018 | Cooperation for Peace and Security | News
Myanmar faces hard choices over the true cost of participation in China’s Belt and Road Initiative
Initially embracing the opportunity to participate in China’s BRI, Myanmar is now sounding a note of caution about its exposure to Beijing’s projects and financing.  
23.06.2020 | Geopolitics of Asia, COVID-19 on South Asia | Coronabrief
Geopolitics and Nepal’s future after the pandemic
Nepal’s foreign and security policy is traditionally characterized by a balancing act between India, China and the United States. The geopolitical rivalries exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis make an  
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