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01.11.2016 | Trade, labour and social dialogue | Publication
Democracies, economies and social protection – Understanding welfare state development in Asia and Europe
Scholars of the welfare state have long focused on a relatively small number of mature post-industrial political economies, above all the member states of the European Union, the United States,  
23.09.2016 | #FeministAsia, Gender Justice | Publication
Political Feminism in India: An Analysis of Actors, Debates and Strategies
The vocabulary of Feminism today is unfortunately more disengaging then engaging.  
23.09.2016 | Economy of tomorrow | News
Building an accountable tax system
Sampran (Thailand) – A policy community has been exploring alternative tax models, part of the Economy of Tomorrow project.  
29.09.2016 | Trade, labour and social dialogue | News
From runways to clouds, workers organize
Pokhara (Nepal) — The Asian civil aviation industry is growing alongside a pressing need to organize workers across its different sectors.  
23.06.2016 | Gender Justice | News
Interview: Asia scores low on labour law protection for domestic workers
Over 35% of the domestic workers worldwide are accounted for in Asia where the Philippines remains the only country to ratify international labour standards for their protection. Changes are brewing  
23.06.2016 | Cooperation for Peace and Security | News
Voices of Migration from Afghanistan
…A new series of publications by FES Afghanistan and the…  
23.03.2016 | #FeministAsia, Gender Justice | Publication
Feminism and the Women Movement in Pakistan
The study captures the history and current debates of the feminist movement in Pakistan today.  
08.03.2017 | Gender Justice | News
Women face double burden
Dhaka (Bangladesh) – The majority of women in Bangladesh still bear the double burden of paid work and unpaid care work.  
08.03.2017 | Gender Justice | News
Fair Homes, Fair Society
Singapore – An op-ed on domestic workers’ rights in Asia reminds us, the political goal of the international women’s movement for equality goes hand in hand with the workers’ movement for rights.  
02.03.2017 | Trade, labour and social dialogue, #CLSPlus | News
Sweatshop smartphones
An op-ed on working conditions in the electronics industry testifies to the urgency for binding and enforceable labour provisions, focus of CLS+, a regional project by FES in Asia.  
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