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31.05.2018 | Networks for social democracy | News
Hanoi students experience German, Vietnamese views on sustainable tourism during FES-supported field trip
Undergraduate students from Hanoi explore alternative…  
19.06.2018 | Economy of tomorrow | News
Jobs: The challenge of soaring unemployment, a year before 2019 Indian parliament elections
What lies behind the looming crisis over the future of jobs and how might it might impact the politics of India in 2019?  
04.07.2018 | Networks for social democracy | News
FES contributes to the German-Indonesian exchange on how to prepare for the fourth industrial revolution
Fifty years ago FES first established a base in Indonesia where today it works with local partners on a range of topics, from pathways to fair transition and urbanization to inter-cultural and  
25.07.2018 | Gender Justice, #FeministAsia | News
Feminism under construction: A push for new alliances in Asia
FES helps building new alliances that can bring feminist visions into the mainstream.  
29.09.2018 | Cooperation for Peace and Security | News
Five years into China’s BRI, the EU needs a clearer vision for a stable and secure Eurasia going forwards
A more articulate vision for a stable and secure Eurasia can act as the baseline for all EU endeavours with regard to proposals such as the Belt and Road Initiative.  
10.09.2018 | Trade, labour and social dialogue | News
Project launched to make sure Vietnam’s trade deal with EU endorses workers’ rights
In Vietnam, a rights group works to ensure that the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement safeguards labour and environmental standards laid out by EU and UN guidelines.  
10.10.2018 | Trade, labour and social dialogue | News
Strengthened social partnership in ASEAN can support just digital transformation of the world of work
Technological innovation is changing the way business is managed and how work is organized, raising concerns for workers in all ten ASEAN countries.  
15.10.2018 | Trade, labour and social dialogue, #CLSPlus | News
Targeted sanctions can help the EU promote labour standards beyond its borders
The use of targeted sanction solves the main problem with blanket sanctions—the indiscriminate impact—while preserving the most advantageous feature: their deterrent effect.  
16.10.2018 | Economy of tomorrow | News
Managing the labour market in an integrated ASEAN in the digital era
Smart factories and AI-augmented services have potential to cause massive disruption in the labour-intensive manufacturing and services sectors of Association of Southeast Asian Nation countries.  
02.11.2018 | Trade, labour and social dialogue | News
Mega-sporting events under a working conditions spotlight
Campaigns around mega-sporting events can support trade union work in the fight for better working conditions for migrant workers.  
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