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11.06.2020 | Cross-cutting regional issues | Coronabrief
The overlooked impact of art in times of crisis
Almost everything we are doing in isolation is connected to the arts: we read more, watch more movies, listen to more music. We all are trying to find creative solutions to the problems at hand. Yet,  
23.06.2016 | Networks for social democracy | News
Future Torchbearers for Social Democracy in Southeast Asia
Three young political activists from Southeast Asia share their thoughts about political participation and organizing at a time of a rising economic integration, heightened discord and contentious  
03.10.2017 | Networks for social democracy | News
Youth and revolutions: The cases of Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines
… Asia Quarterly journal, a joint publication by SocDem Asia and…  
25.05.2017 | Gender and social justice | News
Gender justice in Thailand: working towards the inclusion of all
Bangkok (Thailand) – Women's rights face ongoing challenges in Thailand, including persistent stereotyping and a range of oppressions, according to a study on political feminism and the women's  
10.05.2017 | Economy of tomorrow | News
Indonesian and German unions exchange tips for a "fair social contract" in the digital age
Jakarta (Indonesia) – The digital economy has consequences for both organized and informal labour, requiring steps by employers, the government and international cooperation, according to  
24.10.2018 | Climate change | News
Building alliances for a just energy transition in Asia
FES Vietnam promotes collaborations to achieve fairness and leave no one behind in Vietnam’s energy shift.  
25.05.2020 | COVID-19 on South East Asia | Coronabrief
Life after the lockdown: Vietnam’s COVID-19 success story
The remarkable success in keeping the number of coronavirus infections low and deaths at zero allows Vietnam to gradually reopen its economy. Life is slowly returning to a kind of normalcy that has  
02.04.2020 | Gender and social justice, #FeministAsia | News
Web discussion: The digital economy in Asia - Feminist perspectives
A web discussion on "The digital economy in Asia - Feminist perspectives" was hosted by FES Asia, WIDE+ and IT for Change with more than 100 participants from across the region.  
21.12.2017 | Networks for social democracy | News
Communication in the Digital Age
Bangkok (Thailand) – Managerial staff of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Asia from offices in the region was part of a three-day workshop on strategic communication in the digital age.  
27.10.2017 | Networks for social democracy | News
Politicizing the digital space
Bangkok (Thailand) – Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Asia is bringing together its managerial staff for a workshop on strategic communication in the digital age.  
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