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26.08.2021 | New Geopolitics of Asia | Vlog
Unpacked with Bernd Lange | Ep. 12
The EU’s policy in the Indo-Pacific is guided by trade and economic considerations and must put the emphasis on sustainability, workers’ rights and shared values. Bernd Lange, Member of the European…  
23.08.2021 | New Geopolitics of Asia | Vlog
Unpacked with Dr Mendee Jargalsaikhan | Ep. 11
Situated between two great powers, China and Russia, and sharing many of the EU’s fundamental values, Mongolia appears to be a natural partner for Brussels. Mendee Jargalsaikhan, Director of the…  
20.08.2021 | Climate change | News
Just Transition Forum in Asia | #JTFA2021
Can the shift to a green energy future in Asia be just and equitable?  
16.08.2021 | New Geopolitics of Asia | Vlog
Unpacked with Charmaine Willoughby | Ep. 10
The Philippines are caught in the midst of the US-China rivalry. To navigate through it, Dr Charmaine Willoughby, Associate Professor of International Studies at De La Salle University, stresses the…  
13.08.2021 | Networks for social democracy | News
Young Progressive Academy launched to train Indonesian emerging leaders
FES Indonesia hosts capacity building for young people aiming to enhance awareness on key social, political and cultural issues, while equipping them to become progressive leaders of their country.  
09.08.2021 | New Geopolitics of Asia | Vlog
Unpacked with Dr Pramod Jaiswal | Ep. 9
The EU has been a valuable development partner of Nepal and has contributed to several development projects along with promoting bilateral trade. Dr Pramod Jaiswal, Research Director at NIICE,…  
03.08.2021 | Economy of tomorrow | Publication
The Digital Silk Road: From South-China to Southeast Asia
The China-ASEAN Information Harbor might become an impactful transregional Digital Silk Road project as outlined in the following analysis by Dr. Ngeow Chow Bing, Director of the Institute of China…  
26.07.2021 | New Geopolitics of Asia | Vlog
Unpacked with Steven Blockmans | Ep. 8
“What happens in the Indo-Pacific does not stay in the Indo-Pacific”, stresses Dr Steven Blockmans, Research Director at the Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels. Whether it is maritime…  
19.07.2021 | New Geopolitics of Asia | Vlog
Unpacked with Hervé Lemahieu
“Australia needs allies and partners if it hopes to revitalize and strengthen the international rules-based order. That is where Europe offers the greatest value and acquires much greater importance…  
15.07.2021 | New Geopolitics of Asia | Vlog
Unpacked with Dr M Abu Eusuf
“In the aftermath of COVID, we may also see the rise of new leaders in supply chains”, says Dr M Abu Eusuf, Professor at the University of Dhaka and Executive Director of Research and Policy…  
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