Kim Yoo Sun | Future of Work | Publication

Working Korea 2022

An analysis of the current state of the South Korean labour market.


Melisa R. Serrano and Verna Dinah Q. Viajar | Gender Justice | Publication

Transformative strategies towards gender equality in trade unions

Tools and strategies for change and sustaining progress towards gender equality in trade unions.


Fiona Vaz, Peny Rahmadhani and Rizki Amalia Affiat | Gender Justice | Publication

Toolkit for gender transformative communication

Featuring best practices and common pitfalls of communications within international cooperation.


Sinderpal Singh | New Geopolitics of Asia | Publication

The blue economy in the Indo-Pacific

An analysis of traditional and non-traditional security threats and contextualization of the geopolitical and economic situation in the Indo-Pacific.


Paola Subacchi | Economy of tomorrow | Publication

China and the global financial architecture

China is a critical component of the global financial architecture as both a member of the international institutions and as an institution-builder....


Ingo Kucz and Sascha Naji | Climate change | Publication

Summary: Designing mobility for liveable and social cities

Four case studies explore the state of mobility in Asia’s megacities.


Elisa Sutanudjaja | Climate change | Publication

Jakarta: Designing mobility for liveable and social cities

Once among the four most congested cities globally, Jakarta's mobility system is showing signs of improvement. Elisa Sutanudjaja analyses the...


Jude Esguerra | Climate change | Publication

Metro Manila: Designing mobility for liveable and social cities

The roads of Metro Manila are considered to be among the most congested in the world. Jude Esguerra analyses its mobility systems and shares three...


Sarah Remmei, Kapil Chaudhery and Luong Ngoc Tu | Climate change | Publication

Hanoi: Designing mobility for liveable and social cities

New case study provides an overview of Hanoi’s mobility system and recommends measures to raise liveability and ecological sustainability in the...


Dr Yamini Jain | Climate change | Publication

Bengaluru: Designing mobility for liveable and social cities

Urban mobility specialist Dr Yamini Jain portrays Bengaluru’s mobility sector and the city’s efforts to shift to safe, inclusive, affordable,...


Gender Justice Hub Asia | Gender Justice | Publication

COVID-19 crisis and women in Asia

Our paper series explores gender-specific impacts, reflects on policy responses and explores women’s agency in context of the COVID-19 pandemic in...


Dr Steven Blockmans | New Geopolitics of Asia | Publication

The EU’s new trade policy

An analysis of the EU’s new take on trade, asking how the concept of open strategic autonomy should be understood, which policy areas are most likely...


Dr. Ngeow Chow Bing | Economy of tomorrow | Publication

The digital silk road

The China-ASEAN Information Harbor might become an impactful transregional Digital Silk Road project as outlined in the following analysis by Dr....


Robin Hoenig and Kai Dittmann | Economy of tomorrow | Publication

Supply chains under tension

A new study by the Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in partnership with FES puts the spotlight on the changing nature of global...


Miriam Saage-Maaß & Franziska Korn | Future of Work | Publication

Lessons learnt from the Bangladesh Accord?

A new perspective on how industry initiatives can help improve working conditions.


Mohammad Tareq Hasan | Future of Work | Publication

Blue-collar workers of the platform economy in South Asia

How do blue-collar workers in Bangladesh assess their position in the platform economy? What can be done to make them less vulnerable?


Verna Dinah Viajar | Future of Work | Publication

Mapping of trade unions’ use of digital communication and education tools

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended millions of lives. Lockdowns, large scale layoffs and community quarantines have fundamentally disrupted trade union...


Ambika Tandon and Aayush Rathi | Future of Work | Publication

Care work and digital platforms in South and Southeast Asia

What is the role of digital labour platforms in the future of care work? How have they been affected by the pandemic?


Gender Justice Hub Asia | Gender Justice | Publication

Transformative change for gender equality

Our new guide explores feminist approaches to transformative change, extracts lessons to learn and provides tools and inspiration to bring feminist...


Ursula Fuentes and Anna Chapman | Climate change | Publication

Shifting investment away from fossil fuels in Southeast Asia

Our latest study looks into the need to stop the expansion of coal and phasing out coal for power generation to avoid the catastrophic climate change...


Gender Justice Hub Asia | Gender Justice | Publication

Icons of gender justice

Read about the lives of those who paved the way for women’s rights in Asia in this new graphic novel anthology.


Astha Kapoor | Future of Work | Publication

Collective bargaining on digital platforms and data stewardship

With a spot-on description of the problems workers in the digital economy face today Astha Kapoor develops models that allow workers to develop...


Syed Marwan, Ikmal Nordin and Ng Ming Yang | Publication

Traversing the tightrope

An analysis of the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 and reform of social protection in Malaysia.


Diane Archer & Charrlotte Adelina | Climate change | Publication

Social-ecological transformation in cities in Asia

Asian cities present unique challenges but also opportunities for low-carbon transitions.


Do Quynh Chi, Nguyen Huyen Le & Hoang Xuan Diem | #CLSPlus | Publication

From industrial policy to economic and social upgrading in Vietnam

An analysis of the effects of industrial policies and tangible policy recommendations for decision-makers.


FES Asia Editorial Team | #FESAsiaCoronaBrief | Coronabrief, Publication

COVID-19 in Asia: Testimonies of an unfolding crisis

In one joint effort to understand the repercussions of this crisis, the FES Asia Corona Brief brought together 52 authors who documented and analyzed...


Dr. Ngeow Chow Bing | Economy of tomorrow | Publication

COVID-19, Belt and Road Initiative and the Health Silk Road

An analysis of the implications for Southeast Asia.


Petra Dünhaupt and Hansjörg Herr | #CLSPlus, Trade, labour and social dialogue | Publication

Catching up in a time of constraints

Petra Dünhaupt and Hansjörg Herr explore the complicated interaction between industrial policy and the constraint of an ever-tighter corset of rules...


Maria Dolores Picot and Kerstin Spath | #FeministAsia, Gender Justice | Publication

Women and the future of the digital economy in Asia

How are women in Asia are affected by digitalization and automation? What are feminist perspectives on the digital economy?


Anna Julia Fiedler | #FutureWork4All | #FeministAsia, Gender Justice | Publication

Women and the future of care work in Asia

This study analyses care and welfare policies and its impact on women in Asia.




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