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04.03.2021 | Economy of tomorrow | News

Training Bangladesh’s next generation of advocates, through the pandemic

Bangladesh has no shortage of bright young people keen to boost the country’s development. But many lack the research and specific presentation skills…


01.03.2021 | News

How volunteers crowd sourcing data contributes to Mongolia’s COVID-19 response

Participants from across Mongolia collect crucial data in an Open Street Mapping project in an effort to make health and essential services available…


23.02.2021 | Climate change | News

China’s latest carbon pledge sets ambitious course for the 21st Century

China’s recent commitment to reaching carbon neutrality by 2060 sends a powerful message, not only about what the country thinks it can achieve with…


05.02.2021 | Trade, labour and social dialogue, Economy of tomorrow | News

Implications of automation for workers in Vietnam

The line between using technology to manage workers and using technology to control workers is a thin one. In an interview with FES, labour expert Dr…


| News

Artificial intelligence, data rights and the future of work

Together with Christina Colclough, we talk about algorithmic decision-making and ways forward for the labour movement in the Asia-Pacific region.


21.01.2021 | Networks for social democracy | News

25 years of partnership for democracy and social justice in Nepal

The FES Nepal team spoke with the first resident director, Heinz Bongartz, about opening the FES office in Kathmandu and the role of social democracy…


| News

Social justice in the crisis and a fair recovery

We explore themes of social justice and the changes required in the global order to ensure a more equitable and just society during and after the…


14.01.2021 | Gender and social justice | News

Women and girls across Asia are facing complex, urgent risks from the pandemic, expert warns

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted billions of lives around the world. But the crisis is hitting already-vulnerable women and girls in several new…


08.01.2021 | Climate change | News

Telling the energy story through a more inclusive lens

Energy is first and foremost a human-impact story; however, Vietnamese journalists have so far been focussing on its technical and business angles. If…


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