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20.10.2021 | Climate change, Gender Justice | News

A feminist approach to urban planning is vital for the future of cities

Integrating feminist priorities into city planning is essential, not just for gender equity, but also for climate resilience and wider sustainability.…


30.09.2021 | Climate change | News

South Korea’s plans for a just transition must be truly fair for all

South Korea is deemed to be relatively behind on climate policy. So much so that the country was considered a “climate villain” by international…


15.09.2021 | Climate change | News

Revisit our regional conference on social-ecological transformation in Asian cities

Our regional climate and energy project in Asia brought together practitioners, policy-makers and researchers to discuss common challenges and…


20.08.2021 | Climate change | News

Just Transition Forum in Asia | #JTFA2021

Can the shift to a green energy future in Asia be just and equitable?


26.05.2021 | Climate change | News

Op-ed: Asian Development Bank should close its doors to all dirty energy

The announcement by Asia’s leading development bank to exit from financing fossil fuels made global headlines. While it would be a major step for a…


19.03.2021 | Climate change | News

Southeast Asia’s plans to expand coal power are undermining the global energy shift

While many parts of the world are shifting away from fossil fuels, Southeast Asia remains a hot spot for coal expansion. A new report by Climate…


Ursula Fuentes and Anna Chapman | Climate change | Publication

Shifting investment away from fossil fuels in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is one of the hotspots for global energy development. Our latest study looks into the need to stop the expansion of coal and phasing…


23.02.2021 | Climate change | News

China’s latest carbon pledge sets ambitious course for the 21st Century

China’s recent commitment to reaching carbon neutrality by 2060 sends a powerful message, not only about what the country thinks it can achieve with…


08.01.2021 | Climate change | News

Telling the energy story through a more inclusive lens

Energy is first and foremost a human-impact story; however, Vietnamese journalists have so far been focussing on its technical and business angles. If…


Diane Archer & Charrlotte Adelina | Climate change | Publication

Social-ecological transformation in cities in Asia

Social-ecological transformation in Asian cities is instrumental to achieving many global development and climate targets. As dense settlements of…


| Climate change, Gender Justice | News

Further steps are needed to ensure a gender-just energy transition

For the shift from fossil fuels towards renewable energies to be genuinely sustainable on both the environmental and social levels, it needs to be…


04.11.2020 | Climate change, Gender Justice | News

Revisit our web discussions on gender and energy

Watch the presentation of our four keynote speakers from our series on gender and energy.


31.10.2020 | Climate change, Economy of tomorrow | News

The case for social cities

Environmental disasters, a worldwide pandemic, looming recession and political turmoil shape Asia’s metropolises, making it clear why future cities…


27.10.2020 | Climate change | News

Pathways towards a social-ecological transformation in Asian cities

Revisit the findings of our regional research and learn more about social-ecological transformation in Asia!


19.08.2020 | Climate change | News

Youth advocates volunteered for climate education amid lockdown

Climate change activists holding a sign reading "There is no planet B"

During lockdown, FES Philippines produced “Can We Cool Down The Earth” - an audiobook on climate change aimed at children, voiced by young…


08.01.2020 | Climate change | News

"Governments failed us at COP25"

As governments show insufficient signs of comprehensively addressing the climate emergency, civil society must step up efforts to make sure their…


05.11.2019 | Climate change | News

Women and climate change: Initializing gender-sensitive perspectives for South-East Asia

Interview with Gotelind Alber on a genuine gender-sensitive climate transition for South-East Asia


24.07.2019 | Climate change | News

Renewable energy can be “win-win-win” for Vietnam

A greater emphasis on renewable energy could benefit the people and the economy as well as the environment in Vietnam.


03.06.2019 | Climate change | News

Coal-based power plants: Vietnam’s unsolved problem

A look at the county’s persistently popular but problematic power source.


25.03.2019 | Climate change | News

The greenest kind of growth is degrowth

Shifting spotlight from economic growth to the well-being of humans and nature can contribute to reduced carbon pressure on the Planet, better trade…


24.10.2018 | Climate change | News

Building alliances for a just energy transition in Asia

FES Vietnam promotes collaborations to achieve fairness and leave no one behind in Vietnam’s energy shift.


10.07.2018 | Climate change | News

Action on climate change can boost other aspects of development, if properly aligned

At a recent workshop in Vietnam, stakeholders explore how to bring together the work on climate governance and the implementation of the Paris…


Zhang Junjie, Donghui Liu, Xue Lan, Chen Xiduo, Wu Honglin | Climate change | Publication

Achieving a socially equitable energy transition in China

On the example of China, this publication looks at the political and social factors that drive—but also hamper—socially just energy transitions in…


Wednesday, 23.05.2018 - Thursday, 24.05.2018 - Hanoi, Vietnam | Climate change | Event, News

Connecting the dots: Implementing the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals in Vietnam

International experts, government representatives and civil society organizations are coming together to identify and promote policies for a coherent…


Roberto S. Verzola, Jose D. Logarta Jr. (Viking) and Pedro H. Maniego, Jr. | Climate change | Publication

Towards a just transition in the Philippine electricity sector

On the example of the Philippines, this publication looks at the political and social factors that drive—but also hamper—socially just energy…


Puree Sirasoontorn and Praipol Koomsup | Climate change | Publication

Energy Transition in Thailand

On the example of Thailand, this publication looks at the political and social factors that drive—but also hamper—socially just energy transitions in…


Maria Lauranti and Eka Afrina Djamhari | Climate change | Publication

A Socially Equitable Energy Transition in Indonesia

On the example of Indonesia, this publication looks at the political and social factors that drive—but also hamper—socially just energy transitions in…


22.11.2017 | Climate change | News

No more justification for banking on coal

Bonn (Germany) – Interview with Nithi Nesaduria, member of the South-East Asia delegation attending the latest round of climate change talks by the…


16.11.2017 | Climate change | News

Local projects key to renewable energy push in the Philippines

Manila (Philippines) – The prospect of democratizing energy for Filipino families burns brighter as leaders from local government units gear up for…


12.10.2017 | Climate change | News

"A socially just energy transition involves everybody"

Hanoi (Vietnam) – Renewable energy is likely to become increasingly important to the economies of Asia as they address energy security and…


Miranda Schreurs and Julia Balanowski | Climate change | Publication

Promoting Socially and Economically Just Energy Transformations in Asia

A comprehensive overview of the most important political and social factors, the commonalities and differences, that drive—but also hamper—socially…


Udai S Mehta, Pratim Bose and Ashwini K Swain | Climate change | Publication

In Pursuit of a Low Fossil Energy Future

On the example of India, this publication looks at the political and social factors that drive—but also hamper—socially just energy transitions in…


Koos Neefjes and Dang Thi Thu Hoai | Climate change | Publication

Towards a socially just energy transition in Vietnam

On the example of Vietnam, this publication looks at the political and social factors that drive—but also hamper—socially just energy transitions in…


14.07.2017 | Climate change, Economy of tomorrow | News

Building a low-carbon city: Experiences from China and Germany

Shanghai (China) – FES and partners in China continue the quest for new strategies to address the challenge of rapidly increasing urbanization and…


15.06.2017 | Climate change | News

"If it can be done there, it can be done here as well!"

Hanoi (Vietnam) – Interview on the challenges and opportunities of an energy transition for Vietnam


29.05.2017 | Climate change | News

Shaping up for climate action in Asia

To mitigate climate change, Asia needs to undergo a transition towards a low-carbon economy suggests the climate team of FES in Asia, since May with a…


Sonja Schirmbeck | Climate change | Publication

Vietnam's environmental policies at a crossroads

Vietnam achieved a rapid socio-economic development within the last decades, lifting millions of people out of poverty. However, the future…


30.11.2016 | Climate change | News

Interview: Vietnam says NO to Nuclear Energy

Ha Noi (Vietnam) ― After a change of heart, Vietnam decision-makers halt plans to construct nuclear power plants. Sites were prepared for…


23.08.2016 | Climate change | News

Learning to change the system: exchanges at the edge of a coal pitch

August 23, 2016 — FES Asia is part of an international FES delegation to discuss climate justice and social ecological transformation at a global…


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