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20.10.2021 | Climate change, Gender Justice | News

A feminist approach to urban planning is vital for the future of cities

Integrating feminist priorities into city planning is essential, not just for gender equity, but also for climate resilience and wider sustainability.…


Gender Justice Hub Asia | Gender Justice | Publication

COVID-19 crisis and women in Asia

Our paper series explores gender-specific impacts, reflects on policy responses and explores women’s agency in context of the COVID-19 pandemic in…


Gender Justice Hub Asia | Gender Justice | Publication

Transformative Change for Gender Equality: Learning from Feminist Strategies

Our new guide explores feminist approaches to transformative change, extracts lessons to learn and provides tools and inspiration to bring feminist…


25.03.2021 | Gender Justice | News

The laborious challenge of enhancing women’s participation in India’s workforce

Indian women’s participation in the labour market is low and falling, despite numerous policies and interventions from government and other agencies.…


Gender Justice Hub Asia | Gender Justice | Publication

Icons of Gender Justice

Read about the lives of those who paved the way for women’s rights in Asia in this new graphic novel anthology.


14.01.2021 | Gender Justice | News

Women and girls across Asia are facing complex, urgent risks from the pandemic, expert warns

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted billions of lives around the world. But the crisis is hitting already-vulnerable women and girls in several new…


29.12.2020 | Gender Justice | News

Beijing +25 – Looking back, looking forward

1995 marked a seminal year in the global fight for gender equality. How far have China and Germany come, and what remains to be done?


23.11.2020 | Gender Justice | News

How COVID-19 fuels the digital gender divide

It is high time to act and re-imagine our digital future in Asia.


| Climate change, Gender Justice | News

Further steps are needed to ensure a gender-just energy transition

For the shift from fossil fuels towards renewable energies to be genuinely sustainable on both the environmental and social levels, it needs to be…


04.11.2020 | Climate change, Gender Justice | News

Revisit our web discussions on gender and energy

Watch the presentation of our four keynote speakers from our series on gender and energy.


23.09.2020 | Gender Justice | News

India’s domestic workers need better legislation to protect their rights through the pandemic

Many households in bustling Indian cities rely on domestic workers. These workers perform arduous tasks, yet they suffer from low wages, unregulated…


19.06.2020 | Gender Justice, #FeministAsia | News

Dignity and recognition for care workers in Asia

Human survival requires care work, yet paid and unpaid care work still lack recognition. An FES working group on the future of the care economy has…


22.05.2020 | #FeministAsia, Gender Justice | News

Out now: Women and the Future of the Digital Economy in Asia

A new FES study investigates how women in Asia are affected by digitalization and automation and explores feminist perspectives on the digital economy…


Maria Dolores Picot and Kerstin Spath | #FeministAsia, Gender Justice | Publication

Women and the Future of the Digital Economy in Asia

This paper investigates how women in Asia are affected by digitalization and automation and explores feminist perspectives on the digital economy.



04.05.2020 | Gender Justice, #FeministAsia | News

New FES study: Women and the Future of Care Work in Asia

Around the world, women conduct the majority of (un)paid care work. In Asia, the care sector is particularly large. A new FES study investigates what…


Anna Julia Fiedler | #FutureWork4All | #FeministAsia, Gender Justice | Publication

Women and the Future of Care Work in Asia

This study analyses care and welfare policies and its impact on women in Asia.



02.04.2020 | Gender Justice, #FeministAsia | News

Web discussion: The digital economy in Asia - Feminist perspectives

A web discussion on "The digital economy in Asia - Feminist perspectives" was hosted by FES Asia, WIDE+ and IT for Change with more than 100…


24.03.2020 | Gender Justice, #FeministAsia | News

Digital justice for the next billion users

Payal Arora, author of “The Next Billion Users. Digital Life beyond the West” shares her views on digital justice and how it relates to the digital…


28.02.2020 | #FeministAsia, Gender Justice | News

The future of work: A future without women?

Eight country studies shed light on the challenges and chances the 4th Industrial Revolution poses for female labourers.


18.12.2019 | Gender Justice | News

Exploring women’s meaningful access and participation in the digital economy

In a future for all, women will need to have meaningful access and opportunities to join the digital economy. FES partners met in Singapore to explore…


Rowena Laguilles-Timog | #FutureWork4All | #FeministAsia, Gender Justice | Publication

Feminist Perspectives on the Future of Work in the Philippines

The study serves as a starting point for further analysis and discussion about women and the future of work in the Philippines.


Chen Yuting | #FutureWork4All | #FeministAsia, Gender Justice | Publication

Gender Perspectives on the Future of Work in China

The study serves as a starting point for further analysis and discussion about women and the future of work in China.


27.11.2019 | Gender Justice, #FeministAsia | News

Putting the care economy at the centre of future of work debates

FES partners address the emerging care crisis and think of innovations in Asia.


Urvashi Aneja | The Future is Feminist | #FeministAsia, Gender Justice | Publication

Feminist Visions of the Future of Work in Asia

This paper explores narratives and perspectives on the future of work in Asia through a feminist lense.


Romyen Kosaikanont | #FutureWork4All | #FeministAsia, Gender Justice | Publication

Gender and the Future of Work in Thailand

The study serves as a starting point for further analysis and discussion about women and the future of work in Thailand.


11.10.2019 | Gender Justice, #FeministAsia | News

The rising need for care demands new policies for decent jobs

Policies need to address the rising need for care and to ensure decent work in the care economy of Asia.


27.08.2019 | Gender Justice, #FeministAsia | News

Women and the future of work: new network selects areas for priority attention

The technological changes sweeping the world of work have particular implications for women. Specialists from across Asia have selected two areas to…


24.06.2019 | Gender Justice, #FeministAsia | News

The brave new world of work holds particular opportunities and challenges for women

Ageing populations, technology advancements, climate change and the rise of non-standard jobs complicate further the grim outlook of the labour market…


14.06.2019 | Gender Justice | News

Domestic workers can organize anywhere

In Asia the main priority for domestic workers is still to be recognized as workers.


29.04.2019 | #FeministAsia, Gender Justice | News

Asian feminists on building bridges between women’s rights and labour rights

At a regional dialogue in Dhaka, feminists, political economist and women’s rights and labour activists focus on recognition of care work and stronger…


05.04.2019 | Gender Justice, #FeministAsia | News

Uniting feminists and workers in the struggle for decent work

Bringing the women’s and workers’ movements together is a challenging task that one of the working groups as part of a regional project on feminism in…


Sunday, 07.04.2019 - Nordic Club, Dhaka | #FeministAsia, Gender Justice | Event, News

Women’s rights are workers’ rights

How can women’s and workers’ movements be brought together? Members of the network “Political Feminism in Asia” are to meet in Bangladesh to share…


18.02.2019 | #FeministAsia, Gender Justice | News

“Let’s smash patriarchy one movie at a time”

A movie-rating app developed by a group of feminists from across Asia aims to give space for feminist critique of the mainstream movie industry in the…


10.12.2018 | Gender Justice | News

Closer to the equality goal: We all should be feminists

Myanmar activist Nandar draws attention to violence against the female body through her work as translator and performer.


21.11.2018 | #FeministAsia, Gender Justice | News

“Only long-term community activism leads to change”

The feminist network Political Feminism in Asia, a regional project by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, met in Penang to deliberate direction for joint…


13.11.2018 | Gender Justice | News

Comics for critical thinking and social change

Comics are a serious and an entertaining medium that can boost efforts to address the complex topics of feminism and the future of work.


Thursday, 27.09.2018 - Sunday, 30.09.2018 - Georgetown, Malaysia | Gender Justice | Event, News

Future Lab 3: A Feminist Asia for All

How can we best achieve a feminist Asia for all? This question will be tackled by 21 feminists from seven countries and other delegates, in the third…


25.07.2018 | Gender Justice, #FeministAsia | News

Feminism under construction: A push for new alliances in Asia

FES helps building new alliances that can bring feminist visions into the mainstream.


27.04.2018 | Gender Justice | News

Unheard, Unseen, Unrecognized: Women in informal employment

Shalini Sinha of WIEGO, a global network focused on securing livelihoods for the working poor, talks about the need to think outside the box when it…


29.03.2018 | Gender Justice | News

Reasserting Union Strength in Asia – Trade Unions in Transformation

Trade union power is often described as fading away under the pressures of globalized markets and closing civic spaces. A photo story from a…


Mylene D. Hega, Veronica C. Alporha and Meggan S. Evangelista | #FeministAsia, Gender Justice | Publication

Feminism and the womens' movement in the Philippines

This study on the Philippine Women Movement(s) gives special attention to the struggles of women during different historical events and political…


Gadis Arivia and Nur Iman Subono | #FeministAsia, Gender Justice | Publication

A Hundred Years of Feminism in Indonesia

This study deals with the rise of feminism in Indonesia which started a century ago.


04.03.2018 | Gender Justice, #FeministAsia | News

From the drawing board to reality

Political Feminism in Asia, a regional project by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung brings together feminist groups for joint action across the region.


05.12.2017 | Gender Justice | News

Tackling gender-based violence

Bangkok (Thailand) – How the elimination of violence against women can be achieved in Thailand


24.11.2017 | Gender Justice | News

ASEAN signs breakthrough agreement on migrant workers’ rights

After a decade of negotiations, South-East Asian countries signed an agreement to better safeguard the rights of the estimated 10 million migrant…


Tuesday, 07.11.2017 - Wednesday, 08.11.2017 | Gender Justice | News, Event

Strengthening women’s rights advocacy in ASEAN

Manila (Philippines) – Civil society and women’s groups meet to address how women can take centre-stage in the economic and political agenda of the…


10.10.2017 | Gender Justice | News

Female trade unionists, ready to take over leadership positions

Singapore – Young women rarely hold leadership positions in trade unions, a reality akin to workers organizing across Asia and bound to change with a…


21.09.2017 | Gender Justice | News

Real changes for women, far from realised

Kathmandu (Nepal) – As Nepal outlaws a discriminatory practice of exiling women during their periods, only concerted effort can turn the country’s…


Sohela Nazneen | #FeministAsia, Gender Justice | Publication

The Women’s Movement in Bangladesh

The study traces the history of women’s movements in Bangladesh and discusses its achievements amidst the rapidly changing economic and political…


22.08.2017 | Gender Justice | News

Labour mobility in ASEAN: how can women migrant workers benefit?

Jakarta (Indonesia) – A new study is out that formed the basis for discussion of the High-Level Policy Dialogue of ASEAN on the conditions of women…


ASEAN Secretariat, Ministry of Manpower (Republic of Indonesia), Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, UN Women | Gender Justice | Publication

Women Migrant Workers in the ASEAN Economic Community

An excellent reference and policy tool founded on sound review and research, this report charts actionable policy recommendations for fair and…


16.06.2017 | Gender Justice, #FeministAsia | News

New Asia-wide platform for feminist dialogue

Singapore (Singapore)—Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung starts FutureLab to unite feminists across Asia through a regional platform


25.05.2017 | Gender Justice | News

Gender justice in Thailand: working towards the inclusion of all

Bangkok (Thailand) – Women's rights face ongoing challenges in Thailand, including persistent stereotyping and a range of oppressions, according to a…


Duanghathai Buranajaroenkij | #FeministAsia, Gender Justice | Publication

Political feminism and the women's movement in Thailand

In recent years, challenges caused by social and political unrest and conflicts over natural resources and the environment have had an impact on the…


28.04.2017 | Gender Justice | News

Interview: The gender pay gap in Pakistan

Islamabad (Pakistan) ― We need to connect and create synergies between the women’s movement and struggles with existing labour movements in the…


20.03.2017 | Gender Justice | News

Unseen Shadows: Migration and the barren lives of Changar

Himachal Pradesh (India)—A short documentary by FES raises awareness about the hardships of women and the families of migrant workers in India.


14.03.2017 | Gender Justice | News

Shaping up for action!

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and its newly formed core group of participants in the regional project “Political Feminism in Asia” will meet for the first…


08.03.2017 | Gender Justice | News

“Women are no cars!”

New Delhi (India) – With investments for strong workers organising, gender equality laws and policies to address issues of violence or care work are…


08.03.2017 | Gender Justice | News

Fair Homes, Fair Society

Singapore – An op-ed on domestic workers’ rights in Asia reminds us, the political goal of the international women’s movement for equality goes hand…


08.03.2017 | Gender Justice | News

Women face double burden

Dhaka (Bangladesh) – The majority of women in Bangladesh still bear the double burden of paid work and unpaid care work.


20.01.2017 | Gender Justice | News

Another Brick in the Wall

Phnom Penh (Cambodia) – A multi-media project in Cambodia advocates for better working conditions of female construction workers.


05.01.2017 | Gender Justice, #FeministAsia | News

How big is "Half of the Sky"?

Shanghai (China) - First comprehensive study on Feminism in China is now available to a global audience in English, with a Chinese edition to follow…


21.12.2016 | Gender Justice, #FeministAsia | News

New project: Feminist answers to persisting social inequalities

A looming slowdown of global trade triggers social issues. A comeback of conservatism cements persistent inequalities: Those are the challenges of the…


Shen Yifei | #FeministAsia, Gender Justice | Publication

Feminism in China: An Analysis of Advocates, Debates and Strategies

State feminism as enforced by the Communist Party of China (CCP) after the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, has brought enormous…


23.10.2016 | Gender Justice | News

Closing the Gender Gap in Asia

Policies that advance gender equality are central to the work towards social democracy.


19.10.2016 | Gender Justice | News

Honour killing debate brings intersection back to the feminist fold

Islamabad (Pakistan) – A study by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung helps rethink strategies and alliances in debates and actions against gender violence.


Dr Vibhuti Patel, Radhika Khajuria | #FeministAsia, Gender Justice | Publication

Political Feminism in India: An Analysis of Actors, Debates and Strategies

The vocabulary of Feminism today is unfortunately more disengaging then engaging.


23.09.2016 | Gender Justice, #FeministAsia | News

Meanwhile in India: Why all that fuss about Feminism?

New Delhi (India) – Shiva and his consort Parvati* in discussion on feminism in a new comic by FES India to mark the launch of their country study as…


23.09.2016 | Gender Justice, #FeministAsia | News

Political Feminism for Social Justice

Gender equality is a core value of social justice and therefore an essential part of FES programmes.


Shreyasi Jha, Abha Saxena | Gender Justice | Publication

Projected Gender Impact of the ASEAN Economic Community

How will the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), in place since 2015, affect the socio-economic opportunities for women in the region? The study at hand…


22.07.2016 | Gender Justice | News

New study: bleak labour future for women in AEC

“Unless targeted measures are taken, women will suffer from gendered inequalities limiting their ability to take full advantage of the opportunities…


23.06.2016 | Gender Justice | News

Interview: Asia scores low on labour law protection for domestic workers

Over 35% of the domestic workers worldwide are accounted for in Asia where the Philippines remains the only country to ratify international labour…


Dr. Rubina Saigol | #FeministAsia, Gender Justice | Publication

Feminism and the Women Movement in Pakistan

The study captures the history and current debates of the feminist movement in Pakistan today.


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